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How to obtain?


Donations welcomed to EMMA bank account (c/o CheBanca! Spa) IBAN:

  IT45 Z030 5801 6041 0057 3030 679


Money mouth (needed from abroad) BIC/SWIFT code:



Bank: CheBanca! SpA - Agency: Roma Filiale ex Colli Portuensi, Morelli – 00151 Rome, Italy


To develop a dialogue between scientists, doctors, industry and society in order to find Cures for Metabolic and DevelopMental Disorders - EMMA promotes a close relationship between the Universities and Research Institutions as well as the Pharmaceutical / Medical-Devices Industry and the Governmental Regulatory / Advisory Institutions. Collaboration in the field of Metabolic and Mental disease is welcomed from new partners, located in such centers all over the world.


EMMA promuotes the PsychoThon initiative - fund raising ...

We are preparing and soon we will distribuite the "EMMA's kiwi beer", a symbol of hope for better cures in the field of Metabolic & Mental disease !!!  

logo psychothon

Towards its social aims, EMMA carries out the following activities:
•        To carry out in our own labs research into new treatment paradigms.
•        Promote experimental research in the field of Mental and Metabolic diseases.
•        Promote and encourage co-operation between scientific and other professional groups enabling advancement of health via research collaboration, conferences and publications.
•        Establish research projects and collaborations with Universities and Research Instititutions.
•        To divulge information to people suffering from metabolic and Mental Diseases to empower them to better confront their situation. Make information readily available to patients and care-givers of all walks of life throughout Europe.
•        Offer people with Mental and Metabolic disease and their families, through information technology and international networking, information and assistance.
•        Motivate, promote and support new and existing National and local organisations to provide optimum care and rehabilitation.
•        Courses and continuing education in this field of research.  

Once more we solicit you - Any Donation is welcomed to the following account:

IBAN: IT04 X030 5103 2370 0003 0160 010 + SWIFT: BARCITMMBKO

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the 13th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies in September 2017


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Beyond science: philosophy, mind and metabolism:
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2) Latest hints on innovation: "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES"

3) The burden of ADHD on modern society (families, health systems).
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Associations to help people with a psychiatric disease (and their families).


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