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Type of membership/partnership

A first step before full membership is to set your EMMA's account: you will become a registered user and you will be able to suggest us LINKS, EVENTS and NEWS that will appear on EMMA's pages. Already active registered users help us providing our website with fresh info!!!


Regular Membership = allows to participate to all EMMA's activities, with up to two seats in the Directive Comittee. Dues: Eur 25.00 per year ( a biennal Eur 50.00 fee is preferred ). Each member has the right to propose and organize an EMMA event !!!  

Founder Membership is intended for those who wish to contribute and to develop EMMA's potentiality, and allows to get a privileged status for nomination to the Directive Comittee. Dues: Eur 400.00 ( new Founder Members are welcome to join at any moment ). 

Junior Fellows are distinguished university students, graduate students enrolled (or not) in a doctorate program, or post-docs in the first two years after their doctoral degree. Dues: (none)

Proof of student status:

- distinguished university students should provide a recent certificate with their exams' list (denomination and mark) released by their University secretariat.

- PhD students,  i.e. graduates enrolled in a doctorate program, should provide (also by duly signed self declaration):

  1) denomination, institution and date of most recent University degree (BSc or MSc) and

  2) title, institution, beginning and (expected) end dates of their doctoral project / program, with supervisor's name(s).  


- post-doc fellows in the first two years after their doctoral degree should provide:

1) denomination, institution and date of their University Doctoral degree (PhD), and Title of Dissertation with supervisor's name(s); 

2) details of current employment (institution, post-doc bursary/fellowship quality, title of project with supervisor's name(s).

Honorary Membership is intended for recognized outstanding scientist, and allows to get a privileged status for nomination to the Directive Comittee. Dues: Donation!  

Partnership: EMMA promotes a close relationship between the Universities and Research Institutions as well as the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devises Industry and the Governmental Regulatory and Advisory Institutions. Collaboration in the field of Metabolic and Mental disease research is welcomed from centers all over the world.

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Events and Links

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the 13th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies in September 2017


Debates & Lessons
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Beyond science: philosophy, mind and metabolism:
1) Genes, but ...NOT ONLY...

2) Latest hints on innovation: "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES"

3) The burden of ADHD on modern society (families, health systems).
Societies, Journals (to visit)

Science Societies, Science Journals.

Associations to help people with a psychiatric disease (and their families).


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